Daring rescue gives duck tale happy ending



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EDMOND, Okla. – Fox Lake is an oasis for families of geese and ducks.

But recently, a fledgling family of ducklings took an unfortunate detour.

Edmond police spokesperson Jenny Monroe said, “It was a mother duck and she lost her ducklings.”

Frito Lay vender Dennis Frizzell was delivering chips to Walmart early one morning when his truck was halted by the mother duck.

“She was just freaking out,” he said. “She kept trying to get into the drain so I called 911.”

Edmond police officers Josh Smith and Kris Fite were dispatched to the storm drain.

They pried loose the heavy metal grates, Smith climbed down and Fite held the flashlight for the pre-dawn duckie rescue.Daring duck rescue

Frizzell said, “One of the officers getting them would hand them to me and I set them in a pond. She stayed under my truck.”

These boys in blue were too shy for…

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